Thursday, 21 January 2010

Life potters on. I hate knowing that now until Monday is the only real break I have from degree work until June yet I’m spending my days tackling mammoth to-do lists which take the entire day to complete. I just don’t want to start the new semester already behind on things.

Women’s Officer

Occasionally things come up that I feel I should do despite not wanting to do them at all. An article about men’s societies was printed in our Students’ Union magazine this month (original article) and felt that, as Women’s Officer, I reeeeally should respond. I spent most of yesterday morning reading up on the topic and trying to come to a personal conclusion. Things like this always tear me between the ‘official feminist party line’ and what I actually think. This is what I came up with:

“In response to Dave Jackson’s article “Being the Bigger Man: Have we got the balls for it?” I have a number of observations.

Firstly, whilst I disagree with the automatic feminist uproar over the creation of men’s societies (I think it does a great disservice towards dispelling the age-old stereotype that feminists are man-hating) and I do in fact welcome the dialogue with such societies that truly have the aim of discussing the role of masculinity in modern society, there is as yet little evidence that this is what men’s societies actually aim to achieve.

Secondly, perhaps I’m mistaken, but my understanding of the position of the Women’s Officer, and by extension the Women’s Network, is to reach a point where they are no longer required. It is only due to the continued discrimination against women in virtually all aspects of life (something the Women’s Network is constitutionally fighting against) that we have the unfortunate need for a Women’s Officer. Men simply do not experience comparable discrimination because they are men.

Finally, Jackson seems confused as to whether he is hoping to achieve male representation (in the form of a Men’s Officer) or a forum for discussion of male issues (in the form of a Men’s Network?). I doubt that the latter will organically grow from the former, as this is certainly not the order women’s representation came about. Furthermore, the Women’s Network is primarily a campaigning group and not solely place for discussion of issues affecting women. I fully support Olivia Bailey in her questioning what exactly men’s societies will do.”


So I finished my 3rd book of the year. Crazy. He's a Stud, She's a Slut and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know I scored this off bookmooch recently, having had it in my wishlist after reading her first book Full Frontal Feminism.

I definitely recommend this book (if you’ve read Full Frontal Feminism and liked that) although I think she missed out on multiple opportunities to comment on how sexism/double standards effect men as well as women sometimes. Just a passing comment that feminism is relevant to men too would have been appreciated.

Tegan and Sara

I had a crappy day yesterday. Discovering this made it slightly better. (I know it's crappy quality... but it's my favourite after watching about 5 in crappy quality from different angles)


Bit of drama in the land of distro yesterday. After receiving someone’s zines for stock (I liked the zines) it came to my attention that they were pretty anti-feminist, anti-distro and just generally a really annoying teenager. After some wonderful advice from Amber and Maranda I’ve decided to send his zines back with the following note:

It is with regret that I am unable to stock your zines and have to return them to you. Since receiving them for stock it came to my attention that some of your comments on a blog post on WMZ go against my fundamental beliefs and by extension, those of my distro. Whilst you deleted your account, the evidence still remains that you hold some very anti-feminist beliefs which completely oppose my own, and my distro’s. My distro is primarily for feminist zines, with queer zines as a secondary focus. I hope you can understand why I therefore cannot stock zines by someone who publically, in a zine environment no less, goes against these beliefs.

Furthermore, I have also been reliably informed that you have spoken negatively of distros on WMZ in the past, something I obviously don’t appreciate. I stock zines I like and genuinely have no ulterior motives. I think the way you have acted is unfortunate because I really did like the content of your zines.

Everything Else

I joined Knit Soc last term in an attempt to make new friends. Turned out a ton of my LGBT friends had joined and so I just ended up sitting and talking to them (the 2 times I went). Whilst watching my daily dose of Celeb Big Brother yesterday (I know, I know..) I had the genius idea of knitting at the same time. At this rate my scarf will be finished for next winter!

Exciting new mail

Maranda's Telegram Ma’am #19, Little Acorns #3 and Edith which I can’t wait to read. I love being so sure of zinesters that I don’t need to worry about seeing their new zines first before I order loads.

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