Saturday, 23 January 2010

Had a great night out with friends last night. Just danced and danced and danced.
My ridiculously awesome (straight) housemate and his new girlfriend came out with us and got on so well with my friends.
I loved the people and world I was surrounded by.

Today has been gloomier. I spent the entire day just trying to turn off the computer. That was my goal for the day, to get enough jobs done (that all seem to need the computer) that I was able to get turn it off. I didn't really manage it. Then I just got think it and it turns into this massive "I don't really like my life right now... I'm not enjoying my degree... I'm not enjoying a lot of the things I spend oodles of my time on...". I hate being this busy. Busy is not my default. Busy is not how I thrive. Tomorrow will be better.


Ciara posted her top 5 things she won't miss now that she no longer runs Paper Trail distro on her blog. It was an interesting read, and one that I couldn't really relate to (partly because I don't get some of those annoyances and partly because I still genuinely love the dull/tedious stuff about running a distro). It got me thinking though that perhaps I need to be a little more selective with zines that I agree to stock. I take maybe 90% I receive for considerations. That's high. Admittedly I do try to filter by email before people send them to me... but I do often find myself stocking zines I don't LOVE. That's not really doing me any favours. I need to be more assertive and just say "not this time" more often.


  1. hey lizzy!
    i didn't realise you had a blog! i shall add it to my blog links.
    i actually get number 5-2 of ciara's list at work, and it drives me nuts. or nowadays (since i'm working on not letting that place get to me so much, and sort of succeeding most of the time) it just makes me roll my eyes and go "some people." and scoff. luckily distro is something i actually do out of my free will and it makes me feel like i'm doing something worth while, and not selling people shit toys / tat that they do not need. though i guess someone could argue that people don't 'need' zines, but at least they are much more useful (and stimulating) than blue cap guns and dancing flower speakers.

    xx tukru

  2. I only started a blog about 5 days ago... god knows that I don't have the time for it, but nevermind.
    I think people do 'need' zines... someone doing a PhD on feminism and zines asked me recently if I considered running my distro a form of activism and I answered that for the longest time I didn't but now I do. I think of it it as transmition of ideas that people otherwise wouldn't come across :)

  3. by people 'not needing' zines, i meant they're not absolute essentials, like food and shelter. but i think they're important. x

  4. Wow, you've definitely made more progress in a short space of time than I did starting out my blog! I've checked out your zine distro page- I'm completely new to the whole idea, actually, but I'm impressed with the amount of effort you seem to put into it! I also love the whole idea of zines, now that I'm getting more interested.
    Busy is definitely not how I thrive, either. It tends to just kind sap me completely, and then I either end up burnt out completely or in a crazy kind of stress-cycle until everything's done. I find I have to set really tiny goals for myself, otherwise I'll never be properly motivated.
    Anyways, I love your blog- am definitely adding it to my reading list, as well!